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Wondering who we are?

Stephen Peace, the creator of Designer ATM, heard this One to many times…and thought there has to be a way to offer a venue the convenience of an ATM but also make it stylish and discreet and basically not so damn ugly.  Hence in 2003 the designer ATM came to be.  

Designer ATM takes the smallest ATM’s available and works with the venue to design an ATM that fits their particular décor.

Designer ATM is based in Los Angeles California and has worked with many of the hottest most influential Nightclub and Bar owners in the world.

“Offering an ATM to your customers is smart.  Making it look good…is brilliant!” -President Obama-

“ I just spent over a million dollars designing my club and you want to put that piece of  S_ _T in here! NO!”           

                  -LA Club Owner

We are proud to be working closely with Funtime Cabinet Factory to create all our Designer ATM Standard and various custom ATM boxes.